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one satoshi trading (Hong Kong) ltd.

We are incorporated and registered in Hong Kong, focusing on technology advancement and cryptocurrency adoption.

We work together to prepare for the new era, where cryptocurrency is the global currency. By transforming the form of money, we embrace the fifth industrial revolution era of artificial intelligence.

We believe

1. By lowering the market spread, the market becomes more liquid.

2. Consumer surplus can hence be increased. Together with proper education, the public can enter crypto market more easily.

3. As time goes on, the capitalizations of the major cryptocurrencies increase, and their prices would stabilize.

4. Non-professional and non-institutional investors deserve an opportunity to participate in a healthy crypto market.


5. Cryptos largely reduce remittance costs and daily micro-payment costs, and can possibly remove national barriers of

trading. It is far more than a store-of-value tool.

6. Different shareholders in this new crypto ecology all play an important role in building the unprecedented global financially innovated system which benefits all humans.

7. P2P market makers and traders can cooperate to shape a better and healthier crypto market – yes together we can!

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Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or WhatsApp (+852) - 5721 2332.

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