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Our mission is to:
1. Aid the revolutionary reform and reconstruction of the old fiat currency system
2. Lower the cost of buying bitcoins
3. Help non institutional investors to purchase cryptocurrency and transform their asset into the crypto system

There are different phrases for the whole project so as to orderly transform and migrate to the global cryptocurrency system. 
The first stage is to allow the public to access cryptocurrency using their fiat currency. 
We hope the public can exchange bitcoins with their fiat currency at the lowest market price possible.
In our near future, people will hold bitcoins in their wallet as currency reserve. As the new global cryptocurrency system and ecology develops, we expect people will spend various types of cryptocurrency to make payments and transactions. 
Thanks to different new technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, 5G IoT, Cloud computing etc, a whole new fully automated and digitalized social system will lead the direction. Smart contracts, decentralized finance would be the features of the newly developed industries in that system.

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