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beware of deception

Please be aware of any scams in the crypto space!
Be educated and take preventive measures.

- Download wallets only from authenticated channels such as Apps Store and Google Play.

- Be wary when

  • Strangers who actively reach out to you

  • People who sell you investment plans or tips

  • People who send you pictures showing high profits

  • ​People ask you to buy cryptos because your packages are seized

  • People ask you to buy cryptos because you are in some criminal procedures

- There is no crypto tax  in Hong Kong.​

You may use our "Anti Scam questionnaire" below to determine if you have high risk of being fallen into a scam.

You may use "CyberDefender" to check for scams related information, such as phone number or bank account.  CyberDefender is developed by Hong Kong Police Force.

  • CyberDefender (site)

You may report to the "ADCC" under Hong Kong Police if you have fallen into a scam.

  • Anti-Deception Coordination Centre (site)

  • Anti-Deception Coordination Centre (telephone hotline: 18222)

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