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One Satoshi Group Holdings Limited is a fast-growing crypto firm in Hong Kong, providing P2P fiat-to-cryptocurrency spot trading and educational services to the general public.


Our mission is to popularize cryptocurrency, lower market spread and allow the general public to buy bitcoins safely, cheaply conveniently. We also work hard to push market adoption so public can spend it, and seize all investment opportunities, brining more values to future tech-oriented society.

Cryptocurrency is the Global Trend

  • Cryptocurrency users growing rapidly:around 200 million people using cryptocurrency currently and there will be 1 billion in the future

  • Cryptocurrency and payments are integrated into daily life in many countries

  • Investors choose cryptocurrency as investment and wealth management assets

  • Most institutional investors recommending crypto assets to clients actively

  • Dubai's corporation accepted cryptocurrency as future payments


OTC business introduction

  • Use an existing store (or open a new store) to provide venues for transactions

  • Currency exchange method:lower price buy and higher price sell

  • The difference between buying and selling is the profit

  • only a small upfront investment can start a cryptocurrency business

One Satoshi's Advantages

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Most branches in Hong Kong

  • Group management and trustworthy

  • provide Low-price, stable and reliable cryptocurrency


Leading and complete IT system

  • automated franchise system

  • Easy-to-use and reliable's system to quoting, hedging, inventory, send and accounting


Standardized procedures, training and management templates

  • Provide standardized operating procedures

  • Provide training and management tools and templates


High brand trust by users

  • Close to 400,000 social media page reach

  • New followers on Facebook and Instagram are growing average over 30% per month

  • Participate different local or international technology exhibitions, interact with users and promote popularization


Cryptocurrency education 

  • Provide cryptocurrency education lectures

  • Provide staff induction training

  • Release cryptocurrency's news


Low investment and high return

  • franchisees have net profit in 90% of months in two years by historical data

  • Franchisees earn an average return of 20% per annum after splitting profits

  • Get priority participation in One Satoshi new collaboration plan after become franchisee

Franchisee Requirement

Personal Requirement

  • Possess permanent residency in Hong Kong and over 21 years old

  • Aspiring to start a business and interested in with cryptocurrency

  • no competing or related business concurrently carrying

  • Able to accept market competition and challenges bravely

  • Exchange or service industry experience is a plus

  • Secondary school or above

  • Basic computer knowledge and mathematical logic

Invest Preparation

  • Approximately HKD $400K - $1.2M as franchise funds

Franchise Process

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