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Terms and Conditions

Satoshi Member Card membership plan is operated by One Satoshi Trading (Hong Kong) Limited ("OS") and subject to following terms and conditions. This membership plan is applicable at Hong Kong OS physical branches and designated merchants. By applying to become a member of Satoshi Member Card membership plan, you indicate that you have read these terms and conditions and accept and agree to be bound by them. You also agree to provide OS with your personal data (“Personal Data” as defined in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) and agree that OS may collect and use it in accordance with its Personal Data (Privacy) Policy Statement your personal data.


"Member Card" refers to issued after successfully applying for Satoshi Member Card membership plan and you can enjoy the relevant rewards and offers. 

"Membership Period" means 12 months from membership effective or upgrade or renewal.

"Branches" means a physical store operated by OS in Hong Kong.

"Accumulated spending" refers to the actual transaction amount payable by the member for every HK$1 spent at OS branches except cash coupons, gift coupons or any discounts.

Membership usage and fees

To exercise membership rights and related member transactions, including membership discounts, accumulation of points, exchange and refund, etc., the physical membership card must be presented for system records.

Each member only have one member card and used by the same person. Membership cards are non-transferable for use by others. OS reserves the right to terminate or suspend membership in case of abuse or improper use.

Each transaction accept one member card for discount only and cannot be used in combination with other discounts.

A non-refundable handling fee of HKD 100 for physical member card replacement will be charged upon replacement requests. Members must keep and use their membership cards properly. OS is not responsible for any losses caused by the theft or loss of the physical membership cards.

Membership application

Application can be made (1) at all physical branches of OS, (2) online through dedicated channels and web page registration.

Membership application fee is required to apply for the Satoshi Member Card member (including all membership levels, hereinafter referred to as "members"). The membership application fee may be adjusted occasionally without prior notices by OS. Applicants are advised to check for the latest application fee.

Before the application, clients are required to (1) provide the required information, (2) agree to these terms and conditions, (3) pay in full the membership application fee.

Applicants must ensure that the membership registration information provided is true, correct, complete and no fraudulent.

Applicants may receive a membership card in electronic or physical format, upon successful application.

When registering for the first time as a member, you may be required to supplement or provide us with complete and accurate personal information, including but not limited to birthday information, interests and contact address.

To the extent permitted by law, for any claim, demand, liability or action arising out of a customer's or member's omission, negligence and or failure to provide us with their latest information, or the accuracy and completeness of such information, OS will not take any responsibility.

Membership Period

Satoshi Member Card membership is valid for one year. For those who have accumulated net spending of HKD 30,000 or above during the membership validity period, their Satoshi Member Card membership will be automatically retained and renewed to the next year. "Membership Period" means 12 months from membership effective or upgrade or renewal.

All memberships will be automatically withdrawn upon expiry of the validity period.

Membership Offers & Discounts

To exercise membership rights and related member transactions, including membership discounts, accumulation of points, exchange and refund, etc., the membership card must be presented for system records.

Show your Satoshi member card at OS branches to get 0 market premium for the first HKD 1000 per month of non-stable coins and respective discount on market premium for non-stable coins. 

Show your member card to our designated merchants to get special discounts. The content and validity of the discounts are determined by the partner merchants.

Get HKD50 equivalent in Bitcoin if successfully referral friends to join Satoshi  member card.

General Condition

OS will send notifications of member discounts and promotions to members via email or SMS. OS is not responsible for unsuccessfully delivered emails or SMS if missing important notifications.

OS is not responsible for any damages caused by any computer technology or system problems.

OS has the absolute discretion to refuse and/or revoke any applicant's application for membership and to terminate and/or cancel their membership for any reason. If membership is terminated by us for any reason, all related records will also be cancelled immediately. If a court finds any provision of these Terms and Conditions to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will not be affected by such invalidity or unenforceability and will continue to be in full force and effect.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and members agree to be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.

OS reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

OS reserves the right of final decision.

For the Personal Information Collection Statement for OneSatoshi member card,

please click here .

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