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T&C of Bitcoins Voucher (Face-to-face)

▪ Actual amount of Bitcoins to be calculated with real time conversion rate with spread published by One Satoshi 
▪ Not redeemed through phone, application or online 
▪ Not be exchanged for cash or other vouchers
▪ Collected once redeemed 
▪ Bears no residual values that no changes will be given 
▪ Void without reissuance if expired, lost, smeared, damaged
▪ Can only be used once. No photocopied version will be accepted
▪ Resell any card using any third-party channels
▪ Not redeemed as money or money's worth. Singly purposed for the redemption of Bitcoins
▪ Cap. 584 Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Ordinance does not apply to this card
▪ One Satoshi interprets the terms when disputes arise
▪ Chinese language prevails in case of translational conflicts
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